MyHEAT — Careers

Applied Scientist – Remote Sensing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning

  • Status: Full Time
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Salary & Benefits: Competitive
  • Start Date: May 2020

Job Description

MyHEAT is looking to add a team member with experience and aptitude in utilizing computer vision and machine learning for remote sensing applications. Applicants must have demonstrated experience in producing image processing solutions for real world applications with demonstrable results. This research and development role will focus on developing methods to solve complex real-world problems, and exploring, implementing and testing various machine learning methods to take full advantage of large volumes of high-resolution remote sensing, GIS and attribute data.

Long Term Responsibilities

  1. Image processing of air-borne/space-borne imagery;
  2. Anomaly correction (i.e. atmospheric correction), image normalization, and mosaic creation;
  3. Utilize and develop image-processing software for data processing and aggregation;
  4. Research and implement computer vision algorithms to detect objects in aerial imagery;
  5. Utilize machine learning techniques to classify objects, testing against verification data sets;
  6. Quality assurance of processed imagery and outputs; and,
  7. Collaborate with other team members to identify best approaches and practices, prioritize needs, resolve conflicts, and provide status updates.

Education & Experience

  1. Graduate degree (MSc, PhD) preferred;
  2. Experience utilizing remote sensing and GIS software, including but not limited to QGIS, PCI, ENVI, IDL;
  3. Experience with image processing, including feature extraction, change detection, image classification, and object-based image analysis;
  4. Programming experience with Python, IDL, and computer vision and image processing libraries including GDAL, OpenCV, NumPy;
  5. Recognized expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning;
  6. Ability to work under minimal supervision and apply sound judgment; and,
  7. Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.

To apply, please send your resume to We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank all applicants for their interest.