MyHEAT — Careers

Full Stack Developer

  • Status: Full Time
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Salary & Benefits: Competitive
  • Start Date: May 2020

Job Description

We are looking for an intermediate full stack developer to join the MyHEAT team and manage the design and development of our map based responsive web platform. The ideal candidate will be passionate about using web-based technologies to create innovative solutions to help make our world more energy efficiency. As a full stack developer, you must be able to take a high-level concept and ship it into a production environment. Key technical skills include a knowledge of geospatial data processing, python proficiency, familiarity with modern web development techniques, and the ability to learn new technologies rapidly.

Immediate Projects

Collaborate with the MyHEAT team on map-based platforms:

  1. Creation of new web-based platform features using modern development techniques; and,
  2. Implementation of current best practices with regard to privacy and security.

Long Term Responsibilities

  1. Manage and maintain MyHEAT's responsive web platforms across multiple cities;
  2. Build, test, and deploy software using modern web-based technologies;
  3. Craft rapid and interactive prototypes with a strong emphasis on visual design;
  4. Continuously refine and ship product enhancements based on analytics usage patterns;
  5. Ensure code and related assets are optimized for fast content delivery and cross browser and platform compatibility;
  6. Keep code organized, documented, and up to date in version control; and,
  7. Participate in developing and applying suitable DevOps practices.

Education & Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, geospatial technologies, or a relevant field;
  2. Strong proficiency in JavaScript, HTML5, Git, PostgresSQL, PostGIS, Django, SASS, GDAL, GeoServer, and Google Maps API; and,
  3. Excellent written and verbal communications skills for both technical and non-technical audiences.

To apply, please send your resume to We look forward to hearing from you, and we thank all applicants for their interest.