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MyHEAT launches new energy efficiency platform in Okotoks, Canada.

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Empowering residents to do their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Calgary, Alberta — January 25, 2016 — An award-winning technology platform from MyHEAT Inc. offers Albertans a new way to contribute to the fight against global warming while also reducing the cost of heating their homes or commercial buildings. The web-based MyHEAT platform uses thermal imaging to visualize and compare the waste heat escaping from every building in a town or city. It’s the first energy efficiency platform in Canada that is available to residents free of charge. Software users can see exactly where heat is escaping from their homes, commercial buildings, communities and cities. They can then learn about the steps they can take to fix the problem. MyHEAT promotes energy efficiency in four ways: 1. Engagement: Allows residents to explore their building’s heat loss and compare the results to nearby homes and buildings. 2. Education: Shares practical information on heat loss causes and ways to make buildings more energy efficient. 3. Measurement: Provides heat loss trends for buildings and retrofits across neighborhoods, cities and around the world. 4. Marketing Channels: Offers locally relevant information on energy incentives, service providers and efficiency products. MyHEAT is initially being launched in Okotoks, Alberta with our first municipal partner, the Town of Okotoks. We plan to seek out additional partnerships to make the platform available in other parts of Alberta and across Canada later this year. Today’s launch marks the commercialization of award-winning technology developed by Dr. Geoff Hay and his team at the University of Calgary. MyHEAT uses detailed nighttime thermal infrared airborne images to map building heat loss. The technology is based on proprietary algorithms that eliminate micro-climatic and geospatial effects. This increases the accuracy of our building, community and city heat loss maps and makes it possible to compare the maps over time and across different geographical locations. “This new technology is a prime example of Alberta leadership and innovation that will help reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and increase education and monitoring. We look forward to working with additional partners to build momentum towards a more sustainable future,” says Jeff Taylor, President of MyHEAT Inc. About MyHEAT MyHEAT makes urban energy efficiency a reality for individuals, businesses and organizations. Our award-winning technology uses large-scale data processing that visually identifies where energy is escaping from buildings. The MyHEAT platform provides users with the information they need to understand their energy loss, increase efficiency, reduce consumption and save money. Our goal is to empower a worldwide reduction in urban greenhouse gas emissions, one building at a time. We have a passion for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a commitment to innovation. See the MyHEAT platform in action at For more information, please contact: Jeff Taylor, President and CEO MyHEAT Inc. Email: Latest Press Release arrow_forward