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Enhance online customer engagement and drive energy efficiency program participation at a lower cost.

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MyHEAT is a proven gateway to residential customers for gas & electric utilities–supporting energy efficiency programs through tools that can be integrated into private digital portals.

Customers are 5x more likely to take action after seeing a thermal image of their home.

Making Heat Visible: Promoting Energy Conservation Behaviors Through Thermal Imaging (Goodhew et al., 2014)

How Does It Work?

  1. MyHEAT acquires airborne thermal images of cities, combines with other GIS datasets, and uses proprietary algorithms to produce HEAT Maps and HEAT Scores for each building.
  2. The resulting HEAT Maps, HEAT Scores and related data are made available to utility customers through utility portals or as inserts in monthly mailouts.
  3. With social media integration, MyHEAT allows homeowners to easily share their HEAT Maps, HEAT Scores, and energy efficiency tips within their network. This greatly extends the reach of energy efficiency programs–without increasing promotional or marketing budgets.
MyHEAT Platform

Product Features

Over 400,000 homes have been viewed in 9 cities.
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