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MyHEAT — Utility Solutions

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Unleashing the potential of Energy Made Visible™

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MyHEAT helps advance energy efficiency objectives by connecting utilities and government agencies to heat loss data to inform program design, target incentives, and enhance customer engagement.

Enhance Customer Engagement

The energy efficiency potential in the residential sector remains largely untapped as homeowners remain difficult to engage.

Learn more about how the power of heat loss data can be used to drive program uptake by nudging customers toward efficiency with homeowners being 5 times more likely to act after seeing a thermal image of their home.

Capture More Energy Savings

Heat loss data offers a powerful new way to estimate energy efficiency potential savings and optimize program participation.

Learn more about residential buildings included in a recent study, where we found that one unit of improvement in the HEAT Rating corresponds to a 3-5% reduction in natural gas consumption and 1-1.5% reduction in electricity consumption.

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