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Give your customers the tools to truly understand their potential to save energy. Provide personalized, visual insights for buildings, proven to increase program participation and capture more energy savings.

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Help your customers understand and compare their heat loss, proven to drive energy-saving action and help achieve efficiency program targets.

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Educate building owners and provide easy next steps with our rooftop solar potential platform, created in partnership with Google's Project Sunroof.

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"There are a number of older homes in Saint John, and we know many people struggle with heat loss. We are always looking for ways to bring value to our customers and this project will help customers conserve energy and save money on their power bill,” explained Ryan Mitchell, VP, Saint John Energy. “The Home Heat Saver Program will use innovative aerial heat mapping technology to show customers exactly where heat is escaping their homes. Customers will be able to access the service through our online customer portal this fall."

— Ryan Mitchell, Vice President at Saint John Energy

Energy Made Visible

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