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Energy Made Visible

Give your customers the tools to truly understand their potential to save energy. Provide personalized, visual insights for buildings, proven to increase program participation and capture more energy savings.

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MyHEAT HEAT map launch


Help your customers understand and compare their heat loss, proven to drive energy-saving action and help achieve efficiency program targets.

MyHEAT SOLAR map launch


Educate building owners and provide easy next steps with our rooftop solar potential platform, created in partnership with Google's Project Sunroof.

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"Our goal for this pilot program is to provide customers with an easy-to-use platform that helps them to understand the heat loss from their homes and compare that to local trends. National Fuel’s energy efficiency program, which launched in 2008 as the first consumer program of its kind in New York, focuses on reduced energy usage. These conservation efforts translate to emissions reduction and National Fuel’s results in the last 12 years show a significant decrease in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 1.18 million metric tons in total since the program’s inception and more than 172,000 metric tons in 2019 alone. Our intention is to continually enrich our energy efficiency programs and MyHEAT is another positive step in that direction."

— Donna DeCarolis, President at National Fuel

Energy Made Visible

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