Rooftop Solar Potential Maps

A city-wide map to instantly visualize rooftop solar potential for millions of buildings, powered by Google Project Sunroof.


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Trusted by forward-thinking cities nationwide

City-Wide Solar Potential Maps for Every Home

Trusted by cities nationwide, MyHEAT has partnered with Google to build award-winning Solar Maps that can propel your city towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Quickly visualize your entire city's solar potential

What is your city’s solar potential? See solar potential mapped for all buildings at a glance with a bird’s eye view. 

The MyHEAT Solar Map, built in partnership with Google Project Sunroof, gives your city and its residents all the information needed to estimate solar potential and feel confident to contact a local contractor.

Improve climate resiliency, engage and educate residents, and promote solar adoption to reach net zero emissions goals faster. 

A bird's eye view of the solar potential of Saskatoon on a map
A screenshot from MyHEAT Solar Maps, showing a home with its rooftop solar potential displayed


Accurate solar potential with high-resolution 3D modelling

Search for any home and its solar potential is instantly visible.

High-resolution 3D modelling gives an accurate estimate of solar potential, taking into account rooftop elevation, orientation, rooftop size, and even accounts for trees or objects casting shade on the roof.  

Bright yellow areas of the roof show lots of solar potential, while orange and purple areas have less potential. 


Educate and inform your city’s residents with personalized solar estimates

Your MyHEAT Solar Map will provide a personalized solar estimate that is unique to every home. 

Building occupants simply enter their monthly electricity usage, and MyHEAT Solar recommends an install size to offset their usage.

To help you give the platform your own look and feel, we configure it to match your branding requirements.

A screenshot of a MyHEAT Solar Map showing a home's solar potential estimate
A screenshot of a MyHEAT Solar Map showing personalized financial estimates and payback period


Show local install costs, available rebates, and energy savings potential

Your MyHEAT Solar Map provides a calculator to estimate cost and saving estimates, including payback period, for the recommended solar install size. 

The calculator uses information specific to your city, including electricity rate info, micro-generation program types (ie. net metering, net billing etc) and average install costs per kW.

The environmental benefits of going solar are also shown, to help residents see how they can lower their emissions.

Reviews & Testimonials

We like working with good people and they seem to like working with us. Here’s what some of our partners say about us:

“Working with MyHEAT has been a pleasure. They are responsive, passionate, subject matter experts who understand the challenges of solar adoption in Canada and the complexities of working with municipal government. It has been especially valuable to collaborate with them on marketing materials as they are able to provide insights based on successes in other municipalities as well as specialized content related to solar PV and background information.”

Megan Evans

Marketing Consultant, City of Saskatoon

“We are happy to see that MyHEAT Solar is proving to be a popular tool with Londoners. So far, over 5,000 homes have been viewed for their solar power potential and we are already exceeding the goals we set. MyHEAT Solar is helping inform residents about the benefits and opportunities of solar panels, and staff at MyHEAT have been great to work with throughout its development and implementation in London.”

Jamie Skimming

Manager, Energy & Climate Change, City of London

Improve energy efficiency program results with compelling and comparable visual heat loss and solar potential insights, at city-scale.

Learn More About MyHEAT Solar Maps

See how the one of Canada’s sunniest cities uses Solar Maps and great marketing to bust common myths and drive solar adoption/

MyHEAT and Google discuss their Solar Maps partnership, and discuss the impact for cities in the Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners (CUSP) network.

Since 2019, the City of Edmonton’s Change for Climate solar program has since 30% annual growth supported by MyHEAT Solar Maps.