Case Study: Saint John Energy | New Brunswick, Canada

Saint John Energy used Heat Loss Maps to drive heat pump rentals and increase digital account adoption.

Heat Loss Maps | Marketing

Electric Utility Promotes Heat Pump Rentals By Engaging Customers With Heat Loss Maps

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Quick Stats

  • 90% increase in online/digital accounts created for Saint John Energy, adding a valuable new engagement channel
  • 28% increase in web traffic to the heat pump rental program page within the first 3 months
  • 90% of homeowners surveyed said they would be interested in a detailed home energy evaluation after seeing heat loss
  • After visiting their MyHEAT Home Profile, 86% of homeowners said they were motivated to take energy-saving action

The Challenge

Founded in 1785, Saint John is quaint and picturesque, but heritage homes and older buildings lead to increased heating costs in the colder months. Saint John Energy (SJE) wanted to promote their innovative heat pump rental program to help with heating costs. 

The Approach

With a new heat pump rental program launched, Saint John Energy wanted to spread the word and motivate customers to lease a heat pump and enroll in other energy efficiency programs.

SJE branded the Heat Loss Maps offered by MyHEAT as the “Home Heat Saver” program. The Home Heat Saver program had 3 main goals:

  1. Help improve energy literacy in their community
  2. Encourage customers to take action
  3. Further establish Saint John Energy as a trusted supplier of innovative energy solutions.

Customers were encouraged to create an online account with Saint John Energy to access the program, creating a valuable new communication channel in the process. Once logged in, customers could visually see where heat was escaping, connect with local energy audits and learn about the heat pump rental program.

SJE and MyHEAT worked together to create a branded marketing campaign that included emails, mailers and a promo video that ran in local media.

The promotional video created to drive awareness of the “Home Heat Saver” program.

“We can’t effectively promote energy efficiency until people understand it. MyHEAT’s platform has helped us make great strides to be a trusted energy partner for our customers, and help them take control of their home heat loss.”
A profile headshot of Ingrid Harris
Ingrid Harris
Manager of Consumer Products, Saint John Energy

The Results

Within the first 3 months after launching MyHEAT’s Heat Loss Maps as the “Home Heat Saver” program, there was a 90% increase in users creating an online account (required to see the platform), and a 28% increase in website traffic to the heat pump rental program page.

When surveyed, 43% of homeowners would be somewhat or very likely to rent a heat pump in the next year.

A post-program survey revealed that 86% of Saint John Homeowners who investigated their Home Profile, including their personalized Heat Loss Map and HEAT rating, were motivated to take energy-saving action.

Some other statistics of the preliminary survey results included:

  1. 50% of homeowners discovering areas in their home losing more heat than expected
  2. 60% of homeowners would consider home energy upgrades
  3. 90% of homeowners would consider having a home energy evaluation to learn more about their home efficiency
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increase in digital accounts

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increase in web traffic in 3 months

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would consider home energy evaluation

Using the Home Heat Saver platform provided by MyHEAT, Saint John Energy was able to engage homeowners in a new and innovative way, and enhance the services they provide.

Improve energy efficiency program results with compelling and comparable visual heat loss and solar potential insights, at city-scale.

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