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Who is MyHEAT?

MyHEAT is a company known for empowering urban energy efficiency™ by addressing one of the biggest hurdles faced when engaging people about energy efficiency – its invisibility.

For years, MyHEAT has delivered its flagship rooftop heat loss product (HEAT Maps platform) to partners across North America, bringing solutions based on awarding-winning technology created at the University of Calgary and behavioural nudging techniques to life. We’ve helped millions of home and business owners visualize and compare heat loss across entire cities, encouraging them to take action to save energy and money, while increasing their comfort level and well-being.

Since our launch, we’ve expanded offerings to promote the adoption of renewable energy generation through our rooftop solar potential platform SOLAR Maps platform). Offered through a partnership with Google, we are working with cities to help residents with their first step on their journey to go solar.

For more information, visit our About Us page.

How do I contact MyHEAT about bringing this technology to my community?

If you are interested in bringing MyHEAT to your community, contact us to request a demo.

What is MyHEAT doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

MyHEAT’s HEAT Maps encourage homeowners to improve the thermal envelope of their home, which can help to reduce the energy required to heat and cool the interior. This can be achieved through behavioural changes or promoting participation in local weatherization programs. The less energy consumed, the lower the greenhouse gas emissions released in the production of that energy.

MyHEAT’s SOLAR Maps help homeowners identify if their rooftop is suitable for solar panels. Switching to solar panels can reduce the building’s reliance on energy from the electrical grid, and in doing so, can reduce emissions one building at a time.

MyHEAT is also Climate Neutral Certified. This means we have measured our carbon emissions, offset our footprint to a net of zero by purchasing high-quality, verified carbon offset credits, and we have committed to reducing our emissions over time with actionable goals.

Privacy and Data

What happens if a user doesn’t want their home displayed on the MyHEAT platform?

MyHEAT's platforms are typically offered on an opt-out basis. Any removal requests for the HEAT Maps platform will be addressed within 1-5 business days. Any removal requests for the SOLAR Maps platform will be directed to the Google Project Sunroof resource.

Can MyHEAT actually 'see' into a house?

No, MyHEAT cannot see into homes. The thermal camera used for our HEAT Maps platform cannot see through windows, roofs, or walls and we cannot identify any people or contents within the home. Read more in our Privacy Policy.


How does MyHEAT provide this information?

MyHEAT’s process starts with airborne thermal data collection.We integrate key benefits of a world-class thermal sensor, with patented processing methods that utilize computer vision and machine learning. With industry leading data fidelity and acquisition capabilities over traditional airborne cameras, thermal data can be collected for entire cities over the course of a few days.

The collected data is processed to reveal individual building’s heat loss details, as well as comparable energy efficiency metrics over an urban area. Our proprietary process includes an industry first—the ability to automatically correct for local changes in temperature, microclimate and elevation so all buildings are evaluated as if they were collected at a single instance in time. This allows us to compare urban heat loss over different dates as well as between houses, communities, and cities.


How does MyHEAT provide this information?

MyHEAT has partnered with Google to apply the Project Sunroof technology in communities across Canada. For more information on the SOLAR Maps platform, visit the SOLAR Maps FAQ page. For specifical questions regarding the Project Sunroof technology, visit Google’s Project Sunroof FAQ page.

Additional Questions

Who do I contact if I have further questions about this platform?

To learn more about MyHEAT and our heat loss and solar potential platforms, please contact us.

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