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and mission of MyHEAT.

We are Empowering Urban Energy Efficiency with a platform that is designed to help residents visualize the amount and location of invisible waste heat leaving their homes, communities and cities.

MyHEAT makes urban energy efficiency a reality for individuals, businesses and organizations. Through large-scale data processing that establishes where energy is escaping from buildings, the MyHEAT platform provides users with the information they need to understand their energy loss, increase efficiency, reduce consumption and save money. Our mission is to empower a worldwide reduction in urban greenhouse gas emissions, one building at a time. We have a passion for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a commitment to innovation. Our current products are based on the award winning technology created at the University of Calgary. We continue to develop and implement leading-edge proprietary Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) methods to detect, map and monitor the invisible waste heat escaping from residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial buildings and compare these results across cities and over time. We are located in the beautiful Kensington area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada—a global energy center with a strong history of entrepreneurship and a can-do attitude.