MyHEAT’s 3rd Annual Tree Planting for #EEDay2021

MyHEAT’s 3rd Annual Tree Planting Event

In the midst of the pandemic, MyHEAT continues our commitment to make local changes today that will have a global impact tomorrow. With social distancing and safety measures in place, the MyHEAT team took on the task of planting trees in Calgary, Alberta – where our main office is located.

Every year we are eager to recognize and celebrate Energy Efficiency Day – an opportunity for organizations around the world to show their continued commitment to responsible energy use, energy-saving initiatives, and cleantech efforts. We would also like to acknowledge that we are grateful to have the opportunity to plant trees and regenerate part of the traditional lands of the Indigenous peoples that came before us.

The MyHEAT team works to plant 110 native shrubs and small trees in 3 hours – Calgary, Alberta

MyHEAT partnered with an ecologist and a team of science educators from the City of Calgary Parks Department as part of the Crowchild Trail Streambank Habitat Restoration project. The team gathered along a riparian area along the Bow River to plant roughly 110 native shrubs and small trees.

Riparian areas are regions surrounding rivers, creeks, and streams. Planting a variety of trees keeps the area healthy and supports biodiversity. Healthy riparian areas reduce erosion, stabilize riverbanks, slow floodwaters, provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and improve the quality of river water. Planting trees also improves soil and water conservation, regulates temperature extremes, increases wildlife habitat, and improves the land’s capacity to adapt to climate change. 

The tree species that the team planted included Green Alder, Saskatoon Berry, Water Birch, Canadian Gooseberry, Wolf Willow, Buffaloberry, Red-Osier Dogwood, Beaked Willow, and Balsam Poplar.

The City of Calgary’s goal is to turn these riparian areas into self-sustaining plant communities that continue to mature in the coming years. The City’s biodiversity target is to restore 20% of Calgary’s open space habitat by 2025.

In spite of the pandemic, we are eager to continue making an impact in our community. This is the third year in a row where we have participated in a tree planting event with the City and we encourage your organization to find ways to share the word about Energy Efficiency Day.

Written by:
Gillian Ward – Business Development Analyst & Mona Ahmed Graphic Designer at MyHEAT

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