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World Environment Day 2021

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) organizes World Environment Day events each year to encourage global awareness and action to protect the environment. In 2021, World Environment Day is calling for urgent action to revive our damaged ecosystems. 

Did you know that we lose 4.7 million hectares of forests each year? The loss of ecosystems deprives the world of carbon sinks at a time when our greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. Restoration work is a global challenge and means repairing billions of hectares of land (an area larger than the USA) to ensure that people have access to food, clean water, and jobs.

MyHEAT is stepping up

MyHEAT recently announced our Climate Neutral Certified status and explained how we offset our entire 2020 footprint by purchasing carbon credits to fund climate change solutions.

When we offset our emissions, we chose to support three projects focused on conserving forest ecosystems in the USA, Indonesia, and Brazil. Many of the world’s most biodiverse forests are at risk of deforestation because logging and timber production provide important incomes for local communities.

  • Project 1: Blandin Native American Hardwoods Conservation Project maintains ecosystem quality while continuing sustainable timber production in Minnesota, USA.
  • Project 2: Katingan Peatland Restoration and Conservation Project restores and protects one of the largest remaining peat swamps in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • Project 3: Envira Amazonia Project creates alternative income sources to reduce deforestation pressure for endangered tropical rainforest near Feijó, Brazil.

By supporting conservation efforts and their role in diversifying local sources of income, MyHEAT is helping to preserve natural ecosystems, increase carbon capture, and ultimately reduce emissions.

What can you do for #WorldEnvironmentDay2021 on June 5, 2021?

Restoration work can seem challenging, but everyone can play a role. Small actions that we take every day, from planting trees and native plant species in our yards to cleaning litter along rivers, can add up.

Join MyHEAT and #GenerationRestoration to revive and protect our ecosystems. 

  1. Download the UNEP’s Ecosystem Restoration Playbook 
  2. Join the online celebrations with #GenerationRestoration and #WorldEnvironmentDay
  3. Share your updates on LinkedIn and tag MyHEAT so we can cheer you on!

Written by: Daygan Fowler, Lead Program Manager at MyHEAT

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