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MyHEAT — Customer Solutions

Empower energy-saving action and advance efficiency objectives with energy made visible

You want to drive change. We can help.

MyHEAT uses machine learning to create powerful, city-wide visualizations that show areas of energy loss or solar potential in buildings. Our platforms offer unique geographic insights for partner organizations and empower homeowners to take action.


MyHEAT’s award-winning platform helps advance energy efficiency program objectives.

Give users the tools to investigate and compare potential heat loss areas in residential homes or commercial buildings. Our data helps inform program design, identify target audiences, and elevate customer engagement through public or private platforms.

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Behavioural science

Empower customers and drive program participation.

Homeowners are 5 times more likely to take action after seeing a thermal image of their home. With MyHEAT Maps, customers are empowered with personalized content that leverages behavioural science, drives engagement and increases program participation.

Capture more savings with unique customer insights.

MyHEAT quickly and economically offers insights for entire cities and reveals the thermal energy escaping from buildings. We help identify outlier homes that have a high energy savings potential which can be used to build targeted outreach programs.

Thermal energy insights

MySUN Maps

MySUN Maps display the amount of energy that can potentially be generated when solar panels are installed on the rooftop of a building.

The solar potential for each roof is estimated by calculating the building’s sun exposure, determining the number of panels and their optimal location, and then calculating potential generation. Learn how our data can inform forecasting models, elevate customer engagement, and drive program participation through public or private platforms, for residential homes or commercial buildings.

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Explore solar potential within communities.

Empower users to make informed decisions when installing solar panels on their homes and businesses. MySUN Maps provides entire communities with highly detailed data about rooftop potential to support education on solar resources and increase solar deployment.

Rooftop solar potential

Integration of solar panels into the grid

Investigate the integration of solar panels into the grid.

Solar energy is forging a unique path at the distribution level with forecasting research and integration. MySUN Maps enable utilities to capture geospatial insights on the maximum impact of rooftop solar generation in service areas that can be integrated directly into internal forecasting models.

“The world wastes more energy than it uses each year. At MyHEAT, we believe that by making energy visible, we can help inspire local changes for a more energy-efficient future. Our platform leverages the power of behavioural science and puts energy potential on the map, empowering action within homes, cities, and countries."

- Darren Jones, CEO at MyHEAT

White Paper:

Behavioural Nudging

Enhance Engagement

The power of heat loss data can be used to drive energy efficiency program participation by nudging customers to take action.

White Paper:

Energy Efficiency Potential

Capture More Savings

Learn about a study where we found that each HEAT Rating unit corresponds to a 3-5% reduction in natural gas and 1-1.5% reduction in electricity consumption.

In the Press:

New Energy Economy

Energy Made Visible

“Have you ever wished you could see where heat was escaping from your house?”

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How Does It Work?

Discover HEAT Maps, check HEAT Ratings, and improve home comfort by connecting with local incentive programs and service providers.

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