MyHEAT — Customer Solutions

Enhance your energy efficiency program and elevate your customer experience.

Target and engage consumers with personalized experiences using MyHEAT’s innovative energy visualization technology.


  • Our award-winning platform advances energy efficiency program objectives and gives users the tools to investigate potential areas of heat loss in residential homes or commercial buildings.
  • MyHEAT helps inform program design, identify target audiences, and elevate customer engagement through public or private platforms.

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Behavioural science

Elevate customer experience and boost program participation.

  • Empower customers with personalized content that leverages behavioural science, drives engagement and elevates the overall customer experience.
  • Consumers are 5 times more likely to complete energy-saving actions after seeing a thermal image of their home.

Thermal energy insights

Capture more savings with unique customer insights.

  • Explore unique and geospatial insights for invisible energy waste and efficiency opportunities across entire cities.
  • Identify buildings or neighbourhood with high energy saving potential to target engagement efforts.

MySUN Maps

  • Our solar platform shows the energy generation potential that would result from installing solar panels on individual rooftops across an entire city.
  • Inform internal forecasting models, elevate customer engagement, and drive program design and participation.

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Rooftop solar potential

Explore solar potential within communities.

  • Empower users to make informed decisions when installing solar panels on their homes and businesses.
  • Provide entire communities with highly detailed data about rooftop potential to support education on solar resources.

Integration of solar panels into the grid

Investigate the integration of solar panels into the grid.

  • Solar energy is forging a unique path at the distribution level with forecasting research and integration.
  • Capture geospatial insights on the maximum impact of rooftop solar generation in service areas that can be integrated directly into internal forecasting models.

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