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Our Edmonton, Airdrie, St. Albert, and other Alberta city Heat Loss Maps are no longer available to view on our website. 

These maps have helped thousands of Albertans understand their home energy loss and for that, we’re proud to have played a role. However, those maps were built many years ago, and since then, our technology has improved and changed quite a lot and the Alberta city maps no longer represented the best of our capabilities. 

If you represent an organization looking for a demo of our Heat Loss Maps, please contact us instead. 

If your utility company sent you a letter or email with information and a link to your Home Profile, unfortunately it is no longer available via the link you used.

Please contact us and we’ll do our best to help if possible. 

If you’re simply looking for more information about our award-winning, city-scale thermal Heat Loss Maps, we can help! 

Use our website’s navigation menu to find pages of interest, or start at our homepage.

If you already know a little about our maps and wanted to a more hands-on look at our solution, take a look at our interactive app demo.

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