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Consumers Shown MyHEAT Imagery Achieved Significantly Higher Energy Savings, Demonstrating the Powerful Impact of Energy Made Visible™

Learn more about how MyHEAT enhances energy programs and helps drive energy-saving action.

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Key Findings

8.1% reduction in natural gas consumption for homes shown MyHEAT imagery paired with $150 of potential bill savings.

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28% more applications for weatherization and building envelope-specific programs (insulation, windows, etc.) for homes that were shown MyHEAT imagery.

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MyHEAT - Energy Made Visible

We're helping utilities and government agencies around the world meet their efficiency goals by making energy visible.

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Photo of Donna DeCarolis, President at National Fuel

"Our goal for this pilot program is to provide customers with an easy-to-use platform that helps them to understand the heat loss from their homes and compare that to local trends. Our intention is to continually enrich our energy efficiency programs and MyHEAT is another positive step in that direction."

— Donna DeCarolis, President at National Fuel

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Homeowner Experience: Laura

Laura walks us through her experience using the HEAT Maps platform in Nelson, BC presented in partnership with the City of Nelson's EcoSave Program.

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