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Visualizing heat loss motivates energy-saving action.

Exploring the results of a pilot that measured energy consumers’ behavioural response to MyHEAT imagery.

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The Pilot

In 2017, several partner organizations set out to experimentally investigate the impact of personalized and comparable information on home heat loss, consumption, and the associated cost savings from making upgrades via a randomized control trial implemented on utility bills.

The Quick Version

We've scoured the report and analyzed the results so you don’t have to – click below to download the overview of key findings.

Report Overview

The Nerdy Version

Results were analyzed by partners at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University – click below to download the full academic report.

Full Report

Key Findings

MyHEAT imagery lead to more than double the natural gas savings when compared against standard Home Energy Reports.

Helping customers visualize their heat loss leads to more program applications across the board, not just in weatherization programs.

Heat loss imaging paired with estimated savings messaging hold promise in increasing the savings achieved from home energy reports.

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