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Media Release

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June 3, 2020

MyHEAT announces partnership with Google, launches first rooftop solar potential platform using Project Sunroof technology and expands offerings to utility and municipal partners.

Edmonton residents are among the first to access MyHEAT’s new rooftop solar potential platform using Google Project Sunroof technology, offered in partnership with the City of Edmonton.

MyHEAT Inc. (MyHEAT) has entered a partnership with Google Project Sunroof (Google) and announces the launch of its first rooftop solar potential platform applying the technology. The platform utilizes building solar potential details combined with Edmonton-specific utility rates and incentives to present an accurate financial picture of a rooftop solar installation. The platform aims to educate residents and provide the easy next step by connecting them to local rebates and installers.

The solar platform joins MyHEAT’s award-winning heat loss platform which helps homeowners visualize energy waste from a bird’s-eye view, partnering with utilities and municipalities across North America. On its heat loss platform, users can view and compare a building’s heat loss and connect directly to local incentive programs and resources available through MyHEAT’s partner organizations.

“Google’s commitment to sustainability acknowledges the important role that renewable energy has to play in creating a low-carbon future, enabled in this instance by Project Sunroof solar estimates” explains James Henry, Sustainability Lead for Google Canada. “We are excited to offer Canadians the ability to quickly realise the solar potential of their homes using Google’s Project Sunroof data.”

“The addition of the rooftop solar potential platform is an intuitive next step for MyHEAT to assist our utility and municipal partners empower homeowners on their path to reduce their environmental impact,” says Darren Jones, CEO of MyHEAT. “We are excited to be partnering with Google in order to support the growth of renewable energy.”

MyHEAT’s first solar potential platform is being offered to residents in Edmonton, Alberta, in partnership with the City of Edmonton and officially launched June 3, 2020.

“The City of Edmonton is excited to be the first municipality in Canada to access this new solar potential platform,” said Mark Brostrom, Director of City Environment Strategies at the City of Edmonton. “We are committed to delivering a solar program to help Edmontonians invest in local, renewable energy generation while continuing to help create economic opportunities in the solar energy sector.”

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