Energy Made Visible for Commercial Buildings

Heat Loss Maps aren’t just for residential – ICI programs can benefit, too!

At MyHEAT, we are always innovating and adding products to our offering that help our utility and municipal partners engage consumers and achieve energy savings goals.

This year, with the growth of our development team, we have introduced a new heat loss platform focused on commercial and industrial buildings. Similar to our residential heat loss platform, the commercial building profiles show our high-resolution HEAT Maps to help the building owner identify areas of energy loss.

We’ve made changes to our HEAT Maps to enhance the way users explore the roofs of large buildings!

1. We’ve implemented additional colour schemes to improve the effectiveness of imagery for issue diagnosis. The following schemes can now be selected by the user:

A. Our traditional red-blue scale with red areas showing areas of potential heat loss.

B. A view that highlights only the hot zones on the rooftop.

C. A similar presentation to traditional thermal images used by energy advisors.

2. Users now have the ability to adjust the transparency of their HEAT Map overlay to better see what lies beneath:

3. We’ve given the user the ability to interact with their HEAT Map like never before. If there is an issue with the alignment on the satellite base, it can now be fixed in real time with a few simple clicks:

A. If HEAT Map doesn’t match the underlying building footprint the user selects the move icon from the edit menu.

B. User can click and drag the black building shape to move it and fix the alignment.

C. Selecting the checkmark button saves the changes and returns the user to the original view.

4. We’ve added a full-screen view and also made it easier to understand the orientation of the building by overlaying it on Google Maps satellite view:

These new additions have improved the functionality of our commercial building profiles so much that we are now working to migrate these view changes and usability enhancements to our residential platform! We are really looking forward to our customers putting our new platform to use in driving energy efficiency for the commercial sector.

For a full commercial platform demo, reach out to

Written by:
Darren Jones – CEO at MyHEAT

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