Understanding Energy Loss at Home

Promoting Energy Literacy by Visualizing Home Heat Loss

The understanding of how energy is used and the ability to apply this knowledge is known as energy literacy. Increasing energy literacy amongst consumers and motivating homeowner action towards efficiency upgrades remains an arduous task for many utility companies and government agencies.

Why? It’s difficult for homeowners to engage with something they cannot see: energy loss. Invisible energy loss from buildings is a key factor leading to increased consumption. The ability to visualize energy loss is a powerful tool for home and business owners, which can lead to more engaged and motivated consumers.

Steps Towards Efficiency

After accessing information on their home’s heat loss, MyHEAT connects platform users with local resources to support energy efficiency program objectives. One of the common recommendations is for homeowners to contact a qualified energy advisor to investigate problem areas further through a home energy evaluation.

In Canada, many service organizations are licensed through Natural Resources Canada to complete EnerGuide home evaluations. While each energy advisor will have specific tools and tests they employ to complete the evaluation, we believe that the more information provided to the building owner, the better.

Last month, MyHEAT was able to tag along during a home evaluation and learn more about the process from an energy advisor. Check out our video that walks you through the audit and shows the role that MyHEAT can play in helping a homeowner visualize and truly understand their home’s energy loss.

Interested in incorporating MyHEAT into your efficiency program and building energy literacy amongst your local consumers?

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Written by:
Chelsea Froklage, Marketing and Design Lead at MyHEAT

Video Footage by:
Chelsea Froklage, Marketing and Design Lead at MyHEAT
and Daygan Fowler, Energy Efficiency Program Manager at MyHEAT

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