Changing the game for Program Implementers

Energy efficiency programming doesn’t have to be dull.

Utilities around the world turn to program implementers when they need expertise and innovative solutions. Program implementers not only manage the different aspects of running a successful energy program but create an engaging experience for customers served by the programs. Program implementers are an integral part of a customer’s energy journey and efficiency programs provide many opportunities to continue to strengthen the customer’s relationship with their utility provider. 

In today’s digital world, it is imperative to use engagement technology to drive results. Targeted and personalized engagement efforts can ensure that you’re not only increasing awareness but that you’re reaching the right people who will capture the most energy savings. At MyHEAT, we are working with partner organizations to motivate consumer action and reach program objectives.

Here are 7 ways the MyHEAT team works to support program objectives:

Making energy loss visible

People generally ignore what they cannot see. The MyHEAT platform helps energy users visualize and understand areas in their home that are losing energy through a personalized rooftop HEAT Map.

Tackling energy efficiency seems less daunting from a homeowner’s perspective once they know where to focus. By making energy loss visible, MyHEAT provides powerful images that resonate with your customers and starts them on the path towards efficient upgrades.

A new take on efficiency comparisons

There’s nothing like a little competition to motivate action. People care about how they compare within a group; an important aspect to remember when trying to achieve desired actions. 

MyHEAT assigns a HEAT Rating for each building that shows customers how they compare to their neighbours and others in their city. There are multiple benefits to this level of data. As a user, it triggers a behavioural response to improve how the home is performing. As a program implementer or utility provider, you gain the tools to assess outreach opportunities from customers who have the largest potential for energy savings.

If you build it, they will come – maybe?

This old adage isn’t necessarily true. With the increasing amount of digital information available, it’s easy to focus on funny memes and controversial tweets instead of the utility bill that shows up monthly. Providing dynamic, personalized experiences to your customers is a must when competing with the other digital clutter out there. Even if you build a program with great incentive opportunities, how do you educate your customers on the benefits of participating? 

Our platform not only includes a visual and comparative aspect but also works to empower and educate the user on programs available in their area. Direct links for your efficiency program are added to each Home Profile, so solutions are at the fingertips of the homeowner. This drives traffic to your program marketplace and has been shown to boost participation when compared against traditional marketing efforts.  

Joining forces for a common goal

Our partners get all the benefits of our in-house teams who work with you during all aspects of implementing and hosting our engagement platform. Our marketing team assists with creating a partner-branded platform as well as utilizing best practices to ensure positive outcomes. Partner organizations can also work with a MyHEAT program manager to guide implementation and evaluation during the partnership.

Build marketing campaigns informed by data

Each partner organization that we work with gets access to our Partner Dashboard. This private, online platform provides a detailed look at each home in the service area by presenting the heat loss data combined with other datasets to give a comprehensive view of efficiency opportunities.

Utilities and implementers can use this behind-the-scenes data to build outreach campaigns based on a number of filters such as home age or type, HEAT Rating, or even customer type (i.e. income-qualified). 

Identify and target the least efficient customers

Our unique HEAT Rating system allows you to see the distribution of efficiency levels across your service territory. This data can be leveraged to effectively target the least efficient homes and connect those customers to local resources in an effort to capture the largest amount of energy savings. You can get an even more comprehensive look at your customers by integrating additional datasets, which we can add to your Partner Dashboard.

Create more robust programs while remaining cost-effective

Thermal imagery can tell a lot about how a home is performing which is why it has been a big part of energy audits for a number of years. Imagine what insights you could gain by having thermal imagery from a bird’s-eye view for an entire city! We collect large-scale aerial data for entire cities and then present the colourized HEAT Maps and Ratings via an online platform. This can be done for about one dollar per house, making it a cost-effective way of providing personalized energy insights when compared to traditional methods.

Needless to say, we love supporting implementers as well as utility providers. Energy efficiency is our shared passion and we pride ourselves on offering turnkey solutions that work to educate and empower your customers.

For more information on partnering with MyHEAT, download our free Implementers Guide or email us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Written by:
Chelsea Froklage, Marketing & Design Lead

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