The Power of Personalization to Engage Utility Customers

Using Customer-Specific Information to Offer a Personalized Experience

Customers give utilities roughly 10 minutes of their time each year.

While the goal shouldn’t be to get consumers constantly thinking about their energy consumption, it is imperative that utilities fully optimize these short interactions. More specifically, the act of engaging customers about energy consumption is, and has always been, a challenge. The goal of the utility should be to help consumers easily make decisions about their energy use and educate them on ways to work towards efficiency.

In the age of unlimited and overwhelming information, one of the most powerful ways to capture a user’s attention is to personalize the consumer experience and offer immediately relevant insights. Consumers have come to expect personalized information from their energy providers. In a recent survey, 92% of consumers said that they would be more satisfied if their energy provider could personalize their overall customer experience.

So, how can you leverage customer-specific data to create a personalized experience?

Unify relevant data to understand your customers.

From consumption details to building specifications and customer demographics, there is no shortage of data available. It is a matter of integrating and analyzing it to understand customers and realize the full potential of personalization.

Deliver a relevant message through the appropriate channel.

By better understanding customers, utilities can use data to deliver a relevant message to the right customer. At every interaction, data can make it easier for consumers to find what they want, when they want it.

Help customers overcome knowledge gaps.

Even with access to a world of data at their fingertips, consumers often act on incomplete information rather than incurring the cost or spending the time to understand the complete picture. By providing personalized and easy-to-digest information, utilities can help consumers make educated decisions about their consumption.

Design engagement to drive consumer action.

Motivate consumers to participate in energy efficiency programs through behavioural channels by offering comparable and relevant information.

Unleash the Power of Energy Made VisibleTM

Did you know that homeowners are nearly 5 times more likely to install draft proofing measures after seeing a thermal image of their home?

At MyHEAT, we visualize and compare heat loss from buildings across entire cities, empowering utilities and consumers to discover opportunities for efficiency improvements. Our platform can be implemented in as little as 3 months, with no major burden on a utility’s IT resources.

We have partnered with utilities and municipalities of all sizes across North America to offer public and private platforms. From our heat loss information to census demographics and property details, we have a skilled team that can quickly combine and validate multiple sets of data into a usable and valuable asset for your organization.

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Written By:
Daygan Fowler, Energy Efficiency Program Manager

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