Energy Efficiency in 2021 – MyHEAT’s Year In Review

A Year in Review: MyHEAT achieved a number of developments in 2021 and was able to successfully grow its team, improve its product and add scale its impact with new customers.

We’ve been so busy here at MyHEAT building energy efficiency solutions that we forgot to take a moment to look back at 2021!

To our employees, friends, families, investors, partners and everyone in between – we’re excited to share this update on our progress from 2021.

Our mission is to empower a worldwide reduction in urban greenhouse gas emissions, one building at a time. To achieve this, we supercharge utility energy efficiency and renewable energy programs with world-class software solutions. These solutions use behavioral nudging techniques to guide utility customers toward better energy decisions that reduce consumption and save money.

We grew our business

  • We expanded our customer base for both our HEAT Maps and SOLAR Maps. In doing so, we increased the impact we can have on home energy reduction and utility energy efficiency programs.
  • Using our high-resolution thermal infrared sensor, we mapped over 1 million buildings in the U.S and Canada. This data helps our utility customers several hundred thousand customers to help them reduce their energy consumption and bills. This is in addition to the millions of buildings we’ve mapped in previous years.
  • Our flagship project in the City of Medicine Hat was designated as a Tools for Change: Landmark case study. Tools for Changes recognizes behavioral programs and social marketing approaches considered to be among the most successful in the world.
  • Our SOLAR Map for the City of Edmonton received two awards: one from Solar Impulse Foundation and another from Canada’s Clean50.

We improved our product

  • By investing time and resources, and with help from the University of Calgary, we developed unique machine-learning techniques to improve our data processing accuracy, quality and turnaround time.
  • We completed our first summer data collection to support our R&D efforts into developing ‘COOL Maps’. COOL Maps identify ‘heat’ loss from homes from air conditioning during summer months to improve home energy efficiency and comfort.
  • We redesigned the customer experience for our HEAT Maps, launching a brand new ‘home profile’ to improve energy literacy.
A screen capture of the MyHEAT Heat Loss Map home profile displaying a home's heat loss with a visual rooftop map
A screen capture of part of our new Heat Loss Map home profile for the City of Edmonton

We invested in our team

  • Two of our team members were promoted into new roles – Director of Technology and Director of Product
  • We added 7 new team members, growing our company to 20 people. Roles we hired for included Data Privacy and Security Analyst, Energy Efficiency Program Lead, Geospatial Data Scientist and Systems Administrator. If you like the sound of 4-day work weeks and autonomy over your career, we’re eager to speak with you!
  • In line with health and safety protocols, we held several in-person and/or hybrid events, including a team tree planting offsite, a St Patrick’s Day celebration and a holiday gingerbread competition!
Every MyHEAT team member receives a custom avatar for the ‘About’ page. This one shows some of the new team members hired and promoted in 2021!

We addressed our carbon footprint

  • For the 2020 calendar year, we partnered with Climate Neutral to achieve Climate Neutral Certified status. We measured and then offset our carbon footprint with high-quality, certified carbon offset credits. These offsets supported a variety of nature-based solution projects focused on reforestation and forest conservation efforts. For the calendar year 2021, we plan to go beyond ‘net zero‘ with carbon removal purchases.

Looking ahead to 2022

With 2022 already shaping up to be a year to remember, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to improve energy efficiency awareness and engagement by partnering with fantastic and passionate people in each of our projects.

We would like to recognize and thank the following groups of people for their support and belief in our business and climate solutions:

  • Our incredibly talented team
  • Our board members
  • The University of Calgary, and the team led by Dr. Geoff Hay
  • The Universities of Ottawa and Carleton
  • ACEEE, AESP and Efficiency Canada for their partnerships
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)
  • Our energy efficiency implementation partners
  • Lastly, our clients, whom we see as important partners on this journey

Our team is constantly working hard to advance our technology and build genuinely cutting-edge products. This work is so critical to meet the demands of the climate crisis we can observe today and we are so excited to come to work every day to solve these problems.

As a Canadian clean-tech software company, we are proud to grow in Canada and look forward to launching new projects this year!

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