Energy Made Visible – What does it mean?

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If you’ve been following MyHEAT over the past year or so, you may have noticed some pretty exciting things happening. In case you missed it, we: 

  • Grew our team from 9 to 17
  • Partnered with more organizations to help building owners save energy
  • Achieved some incredible research and development milestones

We are growing in more ways than one and some people may not yet realize the power of our imagery. We are working to make energy visible to support global efforts in energy efficiency and mitigating climate change.

What does it mean to make energy visible?

We’ve crammed all the answers into this 90 second video – watch below to see all the ways our platform can help your customers save energy.

Or, if gorgeous graphics are more your style, download this infographic and share with your team:

An infographic describing how MyHEAT thermal infrared heat loss maps help homeowners save energy, empowered by their utility providers.

If you’re looking for a tailored solution to help engage your customers, reach out to our team and we can chat more about your energy program goals.

Written by:
Chelsea Froklage, Marketing & Design Lead at MyHEAT

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