Happy Holidays from Everyone at MyHEAT

Have a safe and warm holiday season!

It has been an exciting year for everyone at MyHEAT. In 2019, our team continued to grow – both in the office and in our employee’s homes. A third of our team welcomed new additions to their families this year! The year also brought our expansion into the United States, two new members to our Advisory Board, as well as invitations to share more about MyHEAT at events around the world.

Here is a quick recap of our year in pictures!


Highlight: Our team officially doubles in size from Winter 2018.


Highlight: MyHEAT receives an invitation to attend the IEA’s Global Conference on Energy Efficiency.


Highlight: First project with one of our U.S. utility partners rolls out to customers.


Highlight: Our Advisory Board has its first official meeting.

It’s been an exciting year for us at MyHEAT! Some highlights include:

  • Positive behavioural results from our project with Natural Resources Canada were presented at the pre-eminent Behaviour, Energy, and Climate Change (BECC) conference in Sacramento; 
  • We have added a US subsidiary to better work with our US customers; and
  • The size of our high-resolution thermal dataset has more than doubled to 12,000 square kilometres, which we believe to be the largest in the world! 

As we move into 2020 our pipeline of customers is growing worldwide, and our technology innovations combining machine learning with thermal data are continuing to make our processing more efficient and accurate. We look forward to continuing to help our customers save energy in 2020!

– Darren Jones, CEO at MyHEAT

We are looking forward to what 2020 brings to our team – there are bright things on the horizon for MyHEAT!

Happy holidays from everyone at MyHEAT.

Stay warm!

Written by:
Daygan Fowler, Energy Efficiency Program Manager

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